Buck First Bank Account (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Last year we had the privilege of reviewing two Buck Academy books about money for toddlers and elementary students. This summer, we were able to check out their new book, Buck First Bank Account, which Dustin Goss wrote, and Febyolla Goss did illustrations.

What is Buck First Bank Account?

Buck First Bank Account is a 25-page paperback picture book packed with information about getting your first bank account and saving money. The first twenty pages walk children through the process of opening a bank account, essential terms and information they need to know, and the benefits of saving money from a young age.

The book also talks about having goals and a plan with your money.

Pages twenty-one to twenty-three are a comparison and assessment form to help them choose the right bank and account for their needs. Page twenty-four is a glossary of essential terms, and twenty-five finishes the book with information about the author and illustrator.

The illustrations are bright, colorful, and fun, and they help make what could be a challenging topic seem less overwhelming for younger students.

What Did We Think About Buck First Bank Account?

My teenage daughter thought it covered a lot of great information, the different types of accounts, and the differences. She didn’t like that pages 14-15 went across the binding and were more challenging to read. 

She thought the content was great for upper elementary through high school, but the graphics are most appropriate for the upper elementary school students.

I agree with my daughter that the content is excellent, and the illustrations are adorable. The pictures lean towards the elementary range, where the content could be for older students. I still think it is a worthwhile purchase and a great way to help students work through getting their first bank account.


I recommend this book for upper elementary and middle grades students ready to open their first bank account. Elementary students may need assistance completing the bank account and comparison at the book’s end.

If you have an older student who has never opened a bank account, the information would still be helpful, but the illustrations may make it seem too young for them even though the content is appropriate.

Find out more about this book at BUCK Academy, and click on the graphic below to see what other families thought!

first bank account

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