Organizational Freebies From Evan-Moor

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I have been sharing some great free resources from Evan-Moor this week. This week’s last post shares all about two of their great freebies to help with homeschool organization. They have a free editable curriculum planner and some great checklist bookmarks. Both work well for organizing the Evan-Moor curriculum or a variety of curricula.

Evan-Moor Curriculum Planner

This curriculum planner is done in google slides. It has eight different color-coded pages that allow you to have each subject in a different color. You can input the date or week and the topic, and these can be edited online and printed or used digitally.

If you have older children using a computer, you could share these with them to help them keep track of their assignments.

Another option is using these to track what you finished each week. This is useful for those that need to turn in documentation.


Evan-Moor Checklist Bookmarks

Evan-Moor has created these free checklist bookmarks. These bookmarks are a great way to help keep your children organized and on track with their schoolwork. There are ones designed to accompany the daily skills curriculum and blank ones that can be used for various programs.

You could use a blank one to track all of the work needed for a day or track lessons for a particular curriculum. If it was going to be the same thing each day or week, you could laminate it and use dry erase markers to check off the items. Then it could be erased and reused. If you want to adapt it for different days, you can simply print off new ones and write on paper copies.

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