Evan-Moor History Pockets Ancient Egypt

Ancient history can feel overwhelming sometimes, but we think it is a lot of fun! We are just starting my daughter’s second round of Ancient history, and my first-grade son is joining her for the first time through history.

In addition to our regular history curriculum, we have had the opportunity to review Evan-Moor History Pockets Ancient Egypt Evan-Moor History Pockets Ancient Egypt, which aims to make that sense of overwhelm associated with the study of ancient history, well history!

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What Are History Pockets?

Evan-Moor History Pockets Ancient Egypt is designed for grades 4-6, but I found it worked out well as an extra activity for my children to do together. My daughter is in 7th grade, and my son is in first, so my daughter was able to lead the project and let the first grader help and learn as they worked through it.

This book contained the materials needed to make seven different history pockets related to different parts of Ancient Egyptian history. They included an introduction to Ancient Egypt, Daily Life, Government and Leaders, Religion, Architecture, Language, and Arts and Recreation.

I loved that the pockets could be used all together for a full study of Egypt, or they could stand alone if you wanted to focus on a particular area of interest.

Benefits of History Pockets

The materials are laid out in such a way as to make it very easy for a student to understand what to do and to work independently, with a group of peers, or in our case, with a sibling team. While my first grader would not have been able to do it independently because it is above grade level for him, my daughter could lead him, and they could complete the activities without any additional assistance from me.

Another huge benefit for us was that each pocket contains the reading material needed to complete the activities. You don’t have to find extra books or resources for learning about the subject before you can complete the work.

Each pocket contains a variety of activities. There are short reading passages, pictures to color, cutting and pasting activities, timelines, pop-up crafts, and more included throughout the book. This was really helpful for keeping things fun and interesting while still providing a great deal of information. One of my daughter’s favorites was the male and female cut-outs that they were able to dress in special occasion Egyptian clothes, much like a ‘paper dolls’ book.

Another benefit of these pockets is how versatile they are in terms of time. If you wanted to spend a few hours doing history one day, you could complete an entire pocket. Or you can have a student complete one daily activity in 20-30 minutes. You could work your way straight through the book, completing each of the 7 pockets, or just pick and choose the activities you wanted to complete.

The books are available as print books that can be copied for students or as an e-book. Both are great options, but we loved the e-book because I could just print what I needed as I needed it. It is set up with black and white pages, which makes it nice for those who do not have color printers. The pictures are designed so that the students can color them. Since we are homeschoolers and do not have regular access to a copier, this was the easiest option for our family. This can be used individually or as a family.

What Did We Think About the History Pockets?

Overall, we really enjoyed Evan-Moor History Pockets Ancient Egypt. We used it to supplement our regular history program, but you could use this series as a stand-alone history program (though I would probably supplement it with some extra library books on the topics to go a bit deeper). In addition to the Ancient Egypt books, Evan-Moor has a variety of history pockets for grades 1-3 and 4-6. These cover a variety of history topics from ancient history through American history. You can purchase any of these books from Evan-Moor or Amazon.

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