Evan-Moor Heart and Mind Activities (Review)

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I have recently had the opportunity to review Heart and Mind, Activities for Today’s Kids from Evan-Moor. This is a workbook with 75 activities and hands-on projects to social and emotional development.

We reviewed the book for ages 6-7, but it is available for ages 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 10-11. It is a paperback book full of brightly colored pages and fun age-appropriate graphics.

Evan-Moor Heart and Mind Activities

What is Evan-Moor’s Heart and Mind Activities Book?

Skills Covered

  • Being a good friend
  • Being creative
  • Managing emotions
  • Developing empathy
  • Being grateful
  • Showing kindness
  • Being a good friend
  • Taking responsibility
  • Etc

How Did We Use Heart and Mind Activities

I used this book with my son, who turned eight, during the course of the review. I really like how the activities helped children think about and better understand emotions. While there were activities that focused on the child’s emotions, there were also lots of activities that focused on the emotions of others and helped them to understand how to be kind and empathetic.

The book could be used by going from front to back in order, or you could skip around. I think it would be great to choose activities that focused on issues that the child was struggling with or to allow them to choose which activities look the most interesting.

Some of the activities were as simple as coloring a picture or drawing lines to match up pictures that went together. Others involved cutting and pasting, but none of the activities were overly complicated or required a lot of additional materials.

Favorite Heart and Mind Activities

Some of the activities that we really liked were the card games at the back of the book and the kindness hearts activities. The card games involved cutting out cards for different emotions and directions for playing memory or go fish with the cards.

The kindness hearts activity had the child cut out a set of twelve hearts. Each heart had something nice to do for someone else. For example, share, write a thank you note, and say good morning. The child was then to fold up the hearts and put them in a bowl. Each morning they could pull one out and complete the task. It also encouraged them to have family members participate. It was a simple but great way to help them remember to be kind.

Our Opinions

I love that this book was simple and fun but helped my son better understand his emotions. I really appreciate that it showed him to not only focus on his own emotions but to think about those around him. I think my four-year-old might benefit from the book for ages 4-5.

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2 thoughts on “Evan-Moor Heart and Mind Activities (Review)

  1. What a fun way to help kids practice these important life skills! I really like the activity of drawing a card to help the members of the family to do something kind, too! Thanks so much for sharing this.


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