TRIVE Goal Setting and Team Building Review


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Often I review brands and products with which we are already somewhat familiar. Even if I have never used the product, I have generally heard about the company or know someone that uses that curriculum. However, this month we were able to try out a product that was totally new to me: TRIVE.


What is TRIVE?

TRIVE is a goal-setting and team-building program designed for teens and adults. The recommended ages are 15+, though we included my fourteen-year-old daughter with no problems.

The program is built around a group of people (or a TRIVE) who set goals and hold each other accountable. During the first meeting, there is a fun quote game that helps bring people together and facilitates sharing goals. Each person comes to the meeting with three goals they want to accomplish during a six-month period.

The goals are shared, and each person is assigned a coach and someone they will coach throughout the process. Then each person works on their goals during the six months. Coaches are supposed to check in on the person they were assigned periodically.

There are also emails sent from TRIVE every few weeks to help you in the process.

At the end of six months, the whole group comes back together to discuss and assess their goal progress. There are scoring cards to score how well people did on their goals and how they performed as a coach.

How Did Our Family Use TRIVE?

Our TRIVE of four (the minimum number needed) included my husband, two teens, and myself. We all gathered together one night after the little boys had gone to bed and set our goals. I appreciate the opportunity to do something that focused on my teens and helped bring us closer.


During the meeting, my daughter was chosen to be the TRIVE leader. It is her responsibility to keep track of the goals and assignments. She readily took on that assignment and was excited about trying.

We have been trying to connect with our coaches weekly to discuss progress and make any needed changes.

We have a date set in our google calendar to gather together six months from the start date to score the achievements.

What Did the Teens Think?

“The TRIVE program seems like a good program. My favorite part was the game that we used to start the team building, and it helped get us more in the mood for the more serious part about discussing our goals and picking partners. I like getting emails with the dates and information to help keep me reminded of my goals; however, more regular emails would help me complete and be more effective at my goals”

Matthew, age 15

“I like TRIVE because I am competitive and know that if I do everything I can to complete my goals, I have a higher chance of winning, which encourages me to work toward my goals. Six months is a reasonable amount of time to work on our goals. It has us meet at the very beginning and the very end, and I think that maybe we should have a meeting perhaps every month to keep connected and maybe use more of the quote cards to earn points or have some activities to do.” Elizabeth, age 14


Overall, I loved having another way to connect with my teens. I feel like it is a great program and even something we could continue as they move away to college. I am interested to see how things go when we get back together to score the achievements in a few months.

This program was fairly simple to implement and could work well for family units, friend groups, or co-workers.

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One thought on “TRIVE Goal Setting and Team Building Review

  1. Dear Dawn,

    As the creator of TRIVE I thank you for the time and extremely thoughtful work you put into reviewing my product.

    TRIVE is a purpose driven project for me, intended to help teens and young adults find their way, and parents be better parents. Given this important mission I take all feedback seriously.

    I especially appreciate the feedback from your teenagers. From personal experience I do encourage you to hold a new session every 6 months or so. It is a time when they need you most.

    Thank you again for your efforts. At a time when our society is being pulled apart TRIVE offers a new way to bring families together. The process places parents and young adults on par with each other, opening and encouraging valuable dialogue that can over time establish a foundation to great achievements for all participants. As noted by so many, it is more than just a game!

    I sincerely appreciate your interest and support.

    To Great Achievements,



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