The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

My daughter has been expressing an interest in studying the book of Revelation. In the interest of transparency, that is probably the most challenging book in the Bible for me to understand completely.

I am primarily of the mindset that I know the ultimate end and its details are not exceptionally important to me. However, I wanted to support her in her quest for more Biblical knowledge. All of that made it an easy decision to accept the opportunity to review, The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens by Cheri Fields.

What is The End?

The End: A Bible Prophecy Study for Teens is a 144-page book that goes through various Biblical prophesies, including the book of Revelation. The book is written in a more conversational style than many Bible studies, making it more engaging for a teen reader. 

In the words of my fourteen-year-old daughter:

“The first 20ish pages talk about what prophecy is, give some examples, and talk about how it is like a puzzle (you have to put together the pieces) or a mystery (keep track of the clues). This part also talks about mark and Luke’s versions of Jesus’s prophecies.

Then it talks about Daniel and goes through a few chapters, sort of verse by verse, and talks about the prophecies in Daniel. After it talks about all of that, before it gets to Revelation, it has odds and ends leading up to Revelation, Old Testament prophecies, and then New Testament prophecies.

After odds and ends, it goes to Revelation. It goes through each chapter and has you read a couple of verses from that chapter but not the whole chapter; it also has you reading a lot of other scripture verses.”

What Did We Think About The End?

My daughter has been working through this book a few pages a day for several weeks. While written in a more conversational tone, it covers a lot of dense material and has the student reading a lot of scripture. This is not a bad thing, but it is much slower than just reading a 144-page book. 

“For at least one section, it had me read a whole chapter in the bible, each paragraph plus other random verses through the paragraph, and that felt like a lot, So while this book may look thin, it took a while to make progress because of all the Bible reading thrown in.” Elizabeth

I think that is a great way to help teens work their way through the study of prophecy, but you cannot go into expecting just to read the book in a few hours and be done. There is a lot of extra scripture reading (as there should be), and then the book helps you understand the scripture.

While we have not finished the book, we have read so far has been Biblically sound.

Cheri Fields

Recommendations and Conclusions. 

This book is excellent for a teen or family that wants a little help diving into Biblical prophecy. I would not recommend it for students younger than 13/14, and I think it would be appropriate for older teens and even adults. 

Given the challenge and intensity of the topic, I find it is best done with an adult to discuss with the teen. However, older teens may be able to complete it on their own. 

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