IQ 6 Pro Review

With children ages four to sixteen, it can be challenging to find games everyone enjoys. However, the IQ 6 Pro was a hit with all four children. I love when a game works on critical thinking skills and problem-solving because I know those skills will benefit my children into adulthood.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product from Timberdoodle in exchange for my honest review.

What is the IQ 6 Pro?

The IQ 6 Pro is a pocket-sized game that works on problem-solving, visual-spatial skills, concentration, and more. The game includes a pocket-sized case with two different game surfaces and twelve multi-colored, multi-shaped connected beads that fit together in the game surfaces.

There is also a book that includes 120 puzzles for the user to complete with the surfaces and beads. The puzzles range in difficulty from reasonably simple to much more complex; they are also two- and three-dimensional. This variety made it an excellent option for so many different ages.

How Did We Use the IQ Pro 6?

While the IQ Pro 6 could be included in your schoolwork and is a part of Timberdoodle’s Ninth Grade Curriculum kit, we just used it for fun.

When it came in, I opened it up and sat it on the table to see what would happen. The kids were drawn to the bright colors and interesting design. They would gravitate to it as it sat out, and each one gave it a try.

For my four-year-old, a try was simply seeing if he could get the pieces to fit back onto the playing surface. My other three children could use the included puzzles and begin working through them. They were surprised at just how challenging some of the puzzles were. None of them have been able to do the most challenging puzzles yet, but they are getting better, and I think my son will have figured them out with a bit more practice.

What Did We Think?

IQ 6 was a fantastic game for many reasons. I love that we can use it with all ages and that it doesn’t take up much space. The size also makes it a great game to take in the car on those long road trips when you don’t want their heads in a tablet for hours.

Another perk is that it is a one-player game. I love playing games with my children, but I also need them to have activities they can do independently while I work with their siblings, cook dinner, etc.

Finally, I like that it is fun but still very beneficial. My children do not see it as school work, but I know that it is strengthening their brains and helping them with valuable life skills.

Find Out More

This game is marketed to teens and recommended for grades three and older. That is a good recommendation, though younger children could enjoy the less challenging puzzles.

You can find out more and purchase your own set at Timberdoodle for only $11.99. It would make a great gift or fit nicely into an Easter basket.

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