Have I Got a Story For You Renaissance Period Review

I recently had the opportunity to review the “Have I Got a Story for You” downloadable art history program for the Renaissance period. It is also called HiGASFY as an acronym and because the paint drop character in the videos is named Gasfy.

What is “Have I Got A Story For You?”

This program was 12 video lessons, each ranging from fifteen to thirty minutes. The program covers three artists: Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. It is designed for students in grades 1st through 8th, but students of any age could use this program.

In addition to the videos, there are two or three art activities to choose from to go along with each lesson. Each lesson plan includes critical thinking questions, vocabulary, and writing activities. Geography, history, and science activities also coordinate with the lessons. Finally, there are downloadable flashcards and a “Name that Artist” Assessment PowerPoint Game/Test.

For example, one of the writing prompts is:

Write or retell the story of Michelangelo’s meeting with Francesco’s art teacher,
Ghirlandaio, and how he became his apprentice. If writing it, use 1-3 paragraphs and
incorporate 5 vocabulary words from this lesson or previous lessons.

A sample science activity is making play dough, and advanced students use that play dough to recreate Michealgelo’s Pieta.

How Did We Use This Program?

We reviewed this product with my eight-year-old son in mind, but not surprisingly, my four-year-old wanted to watch the videos as well. The videos were fun and engaging; my sons would always ask to watch another one when the video finished.

Watching HiGASFY together.

I loved that they were engaged and learning about different artists in a way that felt like a fun treat and not a challenging school subject. In the videos, the teacher, Mrs. Beth, chats with Gasfy, the paint drop, and tells stories about the life and work of the artist.

The lesson is presented through conversations between Mrs. Beth and Gasfy and story times. It is engaging and easy to understand. While we checked out some of the activities in the lesson plans, we mainly used the curriculum by watching the videos and discussing what they learned.

One thing I loved about the lesson plans is that they included some extra activities and questions for advanced students. Also, because the program was downloadable, it was stored on my laptop, which made it very portable. We could watch it at home or when we traveled.

Who Should Use “Have I Got A Story For You?”

I recommend it for elementary students, but it could easily work as a family study. If older students were included in our lessons, I would use this as a jumping-off point and have them go deeper into the study. Still, it is comprehensive enough for elementary and possibly even middle grades students.

You can find out more and purchase this product and the other time periods at Timberdoodle!

I received a free copy of this product from Timberdoodle in exchange for my honest review.

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