Free Ebook: 20 Homeschool Grads Tip Their Hats to Homeschool Parents

Ever feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of  homeschooling? You might be asking, “Will my kids turn out okay?” What if you could hear from homeschool graduates who have been there? In this e-book, 20 graduates share how thankful they are for the opportunity they had to be homeschooled, and they want to pass on their gratitude to you. Each chapter is full of motivational stories that will encourage you to continue with the journey of home education. This inspiring e-book is a must for every homeschooling parent!

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Homeschool Freebie: BANNED Chemistry Book Now Available!

My son will be hyperventilating when (and if) I tell him about this!  Here’s the summary of this free PDF download, from Homeschool Freebie of the

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments (PDF ebook)

Here’s a classic Chemistry experiments book from the 1960s that was actually BANNED and removed from libraries across the country for being too “dangerous” for young experimenters. Much beloved and enjoyed by young baby boomer experimenters,
apparently some of the activities in this Golden Book volume were aimed just a bit above the heads of its intended audience as it included some advanced experiments considered hazardous by teachers and librarians. Even though most of the 200+ activities and experiments in this Golden Book are quite safe and highly entertaining & educational, a few will need parental supervision should you decide to pursue them.

Highly recommended… with parental supervision, of course!
Glean and enjoy!

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