Cross Seven Ventures: Homeschool Musical Memory Tool (Review)

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Cross Seven

Sometime when I choose to review a product I have a pretty good idea what to expect and how we are going to like it, but Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool from Cross Seven was a bit different.

When looking over the program, I was unsure if my children were going to really love it or hate it. I decided to give it a try to see if it would help us to be more diligent in our scripture memory work.

Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool is a huge collection of memory work that covers nine different content areas and is broken up into four cycles. They include scripture, hymns, mathematics, science, history, grammar, Latin, geography, and a timeline. There are four cycles of work for each of those categories.

Different Subject Areas for Memory Work

Getting Started

When we first received access to this content, I had the whole family join me in the living room one evening to check it out. Even my husband decided to listen and see what he thought.

We started with the hymns section because we love hymns and I knew that we would probably enjoy using that section. The voices were lovely and I was well pleased with the selection of hymns. My husband was impressed with the quality of the singing.

Next, we listened to some of the scripture memory work. This was an area that I knew I needed to spend more time on and I loved how easy it made it. The cycle 1 (which we chose because of our history studies) section had three scriptures to choose from. We picked Philippians 2: 1-11 as the scripture that we wanted to memorize together.

After scripture we decided to try the history since it would go along with our regular history curriculum. I started in the middle of cycle 1 with the history lesson that we had completed that week.

 The history videos were a bit different from the scripture and hymns and had more of rap or chant style compared to the flowing scripture and hymns. My oldest son really disliked it but my seven year old loved it. He thought it was great and wanted me to add it to his morning work.

We listened to a few selections from the math and grammar sections as well, but decided that starting with the three areas of hymns, scripture, and history would be the best fit for us right now.


We started with the Doxology and then added in Great is Thy Faithfulness a few weeks later. The Doxology was a perfect way to start because it is shorter and easy to memorize. I already knew the song because we sang it every week at the church where I grew up.

Great is They Faithfulness is a longer song and broken up into weeks. We have been working our way through that song and enjoy the time spent together singing each morning.

Cycle 1 Scripture Memory Options


I loved that they were done in bigger passages and not just random verses. I feel like you get so much more context.

I appreciated that the words were displayed on the screen to help as we worked on memorization. I also liked that we could listen to the whole passage, but they had it broken down into weekly sections to make it more manageable. 


I only used the history with my thirteen and seven year-olds because they are covering the same history material. I was not sure how it would go, but they really enjoyed it. They would walk around singing the weeks memory work, especially the seven-year-old. I even found my three year old singing parts of it. 

I really appreciated that it tied in so well with our history curriculum and felt like it was a great way to help the information from the curriculum ‘stick’ a little better in their minds.

Sample Scripture Quiz

Other Resources

In addition to the videos, the program contained extra videos with hand motions to help with the memorization. There were also quizzes that you could use to see how well students were memorizing their work. Since we had decided to use this program together as a family a few minutes each morning we did not use the quizzes. However, I think they would have been very beneficial if I was having them work independently.

There were also some fun history videos for kids that were included about some of the different topics. The website said that they were still making new videos and adding to the list.

Conclusions and Opinions

Overall, I was well pleased with Cross Seven Ventures – Homeschool Musical Memory Tool. I loved how easy it made it for me as the parent. I simply logged in each morning and clicked on the right videos. I was so much more consistent with our morning time because it was simple (and the seven year old would not let me forget about it).

If you are wanting an easy way to add in memory work or keep morning time simple, this is a great product. I love that I can pick and choose which subject we will use and that we can do it all at our own pace.

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The Old Chalkdust Trail–Writing Challenges

I don’t really feel motivated at this point in my life to begin another blog, but with starting up the “Schoolin’ Swag“* Facebook page, the creative educational juices have been flowing.  So, for now, I’ll post a few things in the category, “The Old Chalkdust Trail”. 🙂

Today, I want to share something that I have begun trying with our son, Michael.  Michael has some reading disability issues, and some ways that it translates into his writing (with backwards b, p, d, q, 2, 5, 6,9).  He has hated writing.  It requires an incredible amount of focus for him.

About a year ago, I noticed that Michael liked reading a whole lot better when it was “compartmentalized”…like in a comic book format.  I checked out all kinds of comic books from the library (he really loved Missile Mouse, so we bought him a couple for Christmas).  Then, just recently, I began wondering if the same thing might help his writing.

Michael is very creative in his story-making skills.  Here is an excerpt from a how-to essay he put together a couple months ago, entitled, “How to Make a Galactic Grilled Cheese”:

It’s lunch time, space cadet. You are hungry.  You can’t even boil water!  How will you make lunch?  Oh no!  I am here to save the day!  I am Grilled Cheese Man!

Your first mission is to retrieve cyber bread and space butter.  Your second mission is to find a flying frying pan.  Of course, your prime target is moon cheese.

Here are the steps to deploy your galactic grilled cheese sandwich:

First, energize your flying frying pan.  Setting number 6.

Second, get the cyber bread and space butter out.  Install space butter on one side of one piece of cyber bread.  Then put the cyber bread on the flying frying pan, space butter side facing south.

Third, put two pieces of moon cheese on the cyber bread that is on the flying frying pan.

Fourth, take another piece of cyber bread, put space butter on one side, and put it on top of the moon cheese that is melting in the flying frying pan.  Confirm that space butter side is facing north.

Fifth, take space dispatula and rotate entire sandwich continuously until it turns solar golden on both north and south surfaces.

Last, remove galactic sandwich with dispatula, place on food saucer and wait for de-heatification.  Then dispose through your food portal.

Clever thinking isn’t the problem…it is the execution (and believe me, he feels it in the truest sense of that word) of writing it down.  I have found that he does better when he skips the handwritten draft and sits down at the keyboard.  It sort of bypasses the vortex machine in his brain and, because he knows the keyboard by rote, it flows a whole lot more smoothly this way for him.  However, I don’t want him to bail totally on the actual pencil-in-hand process.  So…

This semester I asked Michael if he’d like to try making his own comic strip.  He jumped at it, and I was overjoyed!  He began with very simple ones.  Here is a cute sample:

I make him do them in pencil, so we can edit and learn grammar/spelling.  This has been a great project.  Perhaps, if you are encountering some similar challenges, it may be something you’d like to try as well!  We are gradually getting longer installments of this project.  He is saving them all in a notebook.  He excitedly tells his siblings about his creations…so I think we’re on the right track!  I thank the Lord for opening my eyes to this opportunity to help my son succeed. Grace.

*If you are on Facebook, join the “Schoolin’ Swag” page…lots of freebies and resources and helpful chat!  Over 100 links so far! It’s an open group, just click on the linked words. 🙂

Free Lapbooking Resources


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