Free Lapbooking Resources


Here is a link for some great lapbooking resources for your homeschool.  This is a neat learning tool that I am only beginning to investigate, that may put my daughter’s love for creating and her lack of eagerness for reporting all together in a fun little package.

Have fun investigating links for over 300 free lapbooks at this site, including themes like:  cooking, money, the “Little House”  book series, ABC’s, fire safety, chemistry, lots of blank templates and more.  Click here.

Free E Book from Old Schoolhouse–"Planning Your Course, and Letting the Lord Determine Your Steps"

lg-school_deskEnjoy this wonderful free resource for the new school year.  Lots of great tips for planning, organizing, and determining the direction for your school year.  Seasoned homeschoolers share encouragement for unit studies, lots of great links for free planners, charts, and forms, and their own personal insight for what works, and what doesn’t.  Just click the green graphic in the left sidebar and enjoy!