Thanksgiving Books and Celebrations

One of our favorite ways to celebrate various holidays is through books! Thanksgiving is a great one for books because there are so many wonderful books that look at Thanksgiving from various perspectives and topics. You can read books about the Pilgrims and Native Americans, books about the first Thanksgiving, books about gratitude, books about modern-day Thanksgiving, and fictional books that teach lessons about being thankful.

How to Use Books in Your Celebration

We use books in various ways, including having them set out as part of our seasonal decorations. This often sparks the interest of the children, and I find them reading the books that we have displayed. I can also pull from the display whenever we need a read-aloud for the family.

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Thanksgiving Books

For my kindergartner, we are using these books as part of his reading curriculum and doing various seasonal activities to expand upon them. For example, we might read a book about turkeys, make a turkey craft, and sing some turkey songs. Another week we may choose a book about pilgrims or gratitude. We will definitely spend a week on Cranberry Thanksgiving doing various activities that we find as well as using some of the ones from Five in a Row. (Stay tuned for a post specifically on Cranberry Thanksgiving soon.)

Thanksgiving Books for Older Students

For my older children, we enjoy finding chapter books or more detailed picture books that relate to the holidays and allowing that to be their reading assignment for the week. Thanksgiving on Thursday is a good choice for elementary students. You could also use Samuel Eaton’s Day for a compare and contrast with Tapenum’s Day or Sarah Morton’s Day.

Quality Time with Books

We also really enjoy spending time together enjoying a book and a snack. Sometimes a specific snack that relates to the book, and sometimes something as simple as a store-bought cookie and a glass of milk. For example, we make cranberry bread when we read Cranberry Thanksgiving. Baking together is always fun, but don’t let that be a stumbling block. Using a boxed mix can still make memories.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate books into your holiday celebrations? Any great Thanksgiving books that I should add to my list

Thanksgiving Book List:

Cranberry Thanksgiving

The Very First Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

Arthur’s Thanksgiving

The Squirrels’ Thanksgiving

Oh, What a Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving on Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George

Samuel Eaton’s Day

Thanksgiving Poems

Tapenum’s Day

Sarah Morton’s Day

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims

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