Thanksgiving Resource Round Up and Gratitude Challenge/Printable

November is a great time to focus on gratitude and thankfulness. Over the last several years, we have shared various ideas and traditions to encourage gratitude. I will link those posts below so that you can take a look and see what might work for your family. This year we are going a 30-day gratitude challenge that starts today, November 1st (if you are reading this after November 1st please feel free to jump on in).

I will be sharing the day’s challenge each day on Facebook to help you keep track. I have included the entire list here so that you can plan ahead. There is even a printable version of the list at the end of the post if you want to put it on your refrigerator or somewhere in your home that would remind you each day.

Gratitude Challenge Pinterest

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I have tried to include a variety of ways that your family can show gratitude to God, each other, and other people. Please feel free to adapt these ideas to work best for your family. We will be going through them in order with the date coordinating with the number on the list. However, feel free to jump around to what works best for you that day.  I would love to see you share pictures from your gratitude challenge as we encourage each other. Use #gratitudechallenge and #schoolinswag to see them on social media.

  1. Start a gratitude tree or jar that each member of the family can add to each day
  2. Hymn Study: We Gather Together
  3. Alphabet Gratitude (work together as a family to come up with something you are thankful for using each letter of the alphabet)
  4. Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (Read and discuss or copy down into journals)
  5. Make sugar cookies in the shape of hearts or fall shapes and pass them out to people for whom you are thankful. This could be friends and family or people who you interact with throughout the day, such as cashiers, postal workers, bus drivers, etc.
  6. Read a Thanksgiving Book (If you need suggestions, you can check out this post for a great list.)
  7. Send a thank you card to someone who has blessed you.
  8. Gratitude Art: Draw or Paint a picture of something for which you are grateful.
  9. Hymn Study: Count Your Many Blessings
  10. Scripture Reading: Philippians 4:6-7  (Read and discuss or copy down into journals)
  11. Thanksgiving Poetry: Read some of these fun poems and maybe even write your own.
  12. Thankful Senses: Share one thing for each sense for which you are grateful. For example, I am grateful for the smell of roses in the summer, the warmth of hot cocoa on a cold day, etc.
  13. Thankful verses: Use a concordance or google and find out how many verses in the Bible talk about thankfulness. Based on that number, talk about how important thankfulness is for Christians.
  14. Sibling Gratitude: Make a card or craft for your sibling and tell them why you are thankful for them. If you do not have a sibling, choose another family member.
  15. Thankful Acrostic Poem: Create your own or print this free template
  16. Tell a Friend: Make a point to tell a friend why you are thankful for them. You can tell them, send them a card, or call them on the phone.
  17. Hymn Study: Come Ye Thankful People Come
  18. Thankful Colors: Share things for which you are thankful using as many colors as you can. For example, I am thankful for green grass, red apples, and blue water.
  19. Thankful Photos: Using a camera or your phone, take turns taking photos of things for which you are grateful. These can be turned into a collage or viewed as a slide show.
  20. Scripture Reading: Psalm 7:17 (Read and discuss or copy down into journals)
  21. Make cards or a small homemade gift for the staff or volunteers at your church to thank them for serving the Lord.
  22. Thank You, Jesus: Write a letter/prayer to Jesus telling him how thankful you are for all he has done for us.
  23. Show your gratitude for all of your blessings by doing something nice for someone else. Rake a neighbor’s yard, take can goods to the food pantry, do a sibling’s chore, etc.
  24. Scripture Reading: 1 Chronicles 16:34 (Read and discuss or copy down into journals)
  25. Make a thank you card for a local public servant ( trash collector, firefighter, police officer, etc
  26. Thankful I Spy Game: Play the I spy game but use things for which you are thankful. For example, I might pick the dishwasher because I am thankful that it makes cleaning our kitchen easier.
  27. Create placemats or a placeholder for each person joining you for Thanksgiving dinner. Share what makes you grateful for them on the placemat. (You can use construction paper or buy these inexpensive paper ones.)
  28. Read a Thanksgiving Book (If you need suggestions, you can check out this post for a great list.)
  29. Thankful Neighbors: Make a card or bake cookies for your neighbors. Take them over and tell them how thankful you are to have them as neighbors.
  30. Make Gratitude Journals to help keep this habit of gratitude throughout the year.

Gratitude Challenge Printable

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