Resources and Ideas for Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

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Last year, I needed my 2nd grader to do at least part of his science independently as I juggled three different students in three different science courses and a toddler. (We normally try to combine science, but it was not practical last year.) He loved doing Apologia’s Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.

So, this year I decided to let him pick another book from the Apologia elementary series and use the same type of setup. Last year, my son chose to do Apologia’s Swimming Creatures of the fifth day because he loves the beach. This year he chose Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day because he enjoys looking at birds and studying insects during our nature study time.

Resources for Apologia’s Flying Creatures

Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day Audiobook

My son loves audiobooks and has great auditory comprehension, so I wanted to stick with a book that he could do via audio. This also allows my four-year-old to listen and learn as he is interested.

So, we purchased the audio version of the text to go along with the hardback version. Then my son can listen on his kindle while he follows along in the text or sometimes he colors or works on a notebooking page.

The audiobook allows him to do science in the car while we travel or listen to the information again if he doesn’t remember something. Often he is listening while I am cooking lunch or folding clothes.

We usually use Apologia’s notebooking journals when we do these courses, but we decided it would be too much with my son’s reading difficulties. So, I found some other resources that we could use to complement the text.

Other Flying Creatures Resources

Chalk Pastel Art Lessons

We always love Nana’s chalk pastel art lessons, and she has some excellent, easy-to-follow lessons that fit perfectly with Flying Creatures.  These are fun for my son and help tie together what he is learning. I have gone in and picked out bird and insect pictures to fit with each chapter. Then I organized it on my Trello board to help me remember which lessons went well with which chapters.

You can purchase individual courses or the You Are An Artist Clubhouse, which is our favorite because we have access to everything and he can pick and choose different projects each week.

Notebooking Pages

My son is just getting comfortable with writing, and I am using notebooking pages to work on his writing while recording what he is learning in science. I have made a collection of one or two notebooking pages per chapter, and he writes a sentence or two after he listens to the chapter. Then he can draw a picture of what he wrote about. (There are a huge variety of different pages to choose from for each topic, depending on the child’s level.)

Nature Study

My son would do nature study every day if time allowed, and he spends hours outside most days. We have set up multiple birdhouses and bird feeders to allow him a good first-hand view of the birds in our area.

We are also using the bird and insect resources that are included in our Homeschool Nature Study membership. Their courses provide information, hands-on ideas, follow-up suggestions, and more. There are also some great printables included to help record what they are seeing and learning.

I love being able to give him such a hands-on approach to his learning.

Field Trips

I am so excited about all of the field trip opportunities that go along with flying creatures. There is a wonderful bird park that is just a few hours from our home. We are planning a field trip there this fall to see a wide variety of birds. You can even feed the flamingos!

In addition, our state zoo and aquariums both have some bird exhibits, and since our family has an aquarium membership, we can get into both of those for free!

Our state science museum has a wonderful butterfly garden and insect exhibits to get a close-up look at different insects.

Finally, we love hiking and nature walks so we will look for birds in various state and local parks as we hike.

Even if you do not have a local bird park, I encourage you to look around at various local science centers, zoos, etc, to see what they have to offer.

Burgess Bird Book

Last year, we used many Suzanne Tate’s Nature Series books to study swimming creatures. She also has a few bird books, so we will use those this year. However, our primary extra text for this year will be the Burgess Bird Book. The Burgess book uses fun and engaging stories to teach children about various birds. I purchased the illustrated kindle edition for less than $1 and also used an audible credit for the audio version. This will allow my son to follow along and see the bird pictures as he listens to the audio.

Library Books

Finally, do not underestimate a trip to the library for some picture books to go along with each chapter. I have been going online about a week before we get to a lesson and searching our library system for books about the topic. Then, I simply put them on hold and pick them up the next time we go to the library.

This week we enjoyed several great books on birds that helped me include my four-year-old in our studies.


The flexibility of homeschooling is so important, and what works one year might not work the next year. For our family, this semi-independent study of Apologia is a great way for my son to be able to do much of his science independently while still giving us time together.

We love Apologia for its biblical worldview, thorough content coverage, and flexibility to use this program in a way that works best for our family! We are excited about our study of birds and other flying creatures.  I would love to hear what other resources you enjoy for this program. Share ideas in the comments!

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Resource Library 

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Jonathan Park Audio Drama Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

When I saw the opportunity to review the Jonathan Park audio dramas, I jumped on it. Years ago, my oldest two children loved to listen to them every Saturday morning when they came on the radio. We had even purchased some of them on CD so they could listen at other times.

When my younger two children were old enough to remember, they were no longer played on the radio. So the opportunity to get The Adventure Begins, Series 1 as a digital download was perfect. My older children could relieve some childhood memories and introduce my younger children to these fun adventures that promote a young earth creation and Christian worldview.  

What is Jonathan Park The Adventure Begins, Series 1?

 The Adventure Begins, Series 1 is a series of twelve, approximately twenty-five-minute radio drama episodes. The stories follow young Jonathan Park, his paleontologist father, and their family as they have adventures and search for evidence of a young earth creation and the great flood.

How We Used Jonathan Park

Our family loves audio dramas, and with my older children’s previous experience with Jonathan Park, we chose to listen as a family. I downloaded the episodes to my son’s kindle and played them through the speakers in our van while we traveled.

We would listen just for fun but sometimes had great conversations about the exciting information shared in the episodes. They are fictional episodes but share objective scientific evidence and information.


We recommend Jonathan Park for any families that want a fun and exciting way to introduce the evidence of young earth creation. While the stories are ideal for second through eighth graders, they can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Due to the ‘adventure’ nature of the stories, there is some mild peril, so you may want to use caution with very young or sensitive listeners. However, even my four-year-old enjoyed listening.

As a bonus, they are offering this special offer for my readers: Free Shipping, (US only) / Discount code: jpcrew22

Don’t forget to click on the graphic below to find out what other reviewers thought about Jonathan Park.

Children's Audio Stories

14:6 The Way Scripture Memory Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Like most of the reviews you see here, I planned to use 14:6 – The Way by Scripture Memory Fellowship with my children. However, life and God had other plans, and I ended up using it for myself. Around the time that it arrived in the mail, my father ended up in the hospital having major surgery. Suddenly, our ‘lazy’ summer days were spent with me driving back and forth to the hospital to give my mom a break and check in on my dad. 

Scripture Memory Fellowship

I had planned to use this as a part of our morning time routine, which we had added back to our days even though we were still enjoying summer break. However, we put our morning time routine on hold. While I plan to add it to our morning time this year, it worked out really well for me to use it for my Bible time and memorization. 

What is 14:6 The Way?

14:6 – The Way is a scripture memory program that includes three different levels of scripture memory, recitation, and study. The program has seven units, with four lessons each, and you complete one lesson each week. 

During the week, the user works on memorizing one to three Bible verses of increasing length. This allows younger children to participate with just the first shorter verse and older students or adults to learn two or three verses each week. The verses are color coded to help with organization. We chose and received the edition that uses the ESV for verses, but they also offer the KJV. 

Each lesson is one page in the spiral-bound book. The front of the page has the three color-coded memory verses, the thesis statement for the week, and a place to check off how the student did with their recitation at the end of the week. It also has a place to mark how they shared God’s word that week. 

On the back of the page is more information on the meaning of the verses. There is more reading to give context to the memory verses, multiple choice questions about the meaning, fill-in-the-blank questions to accompany the verses, and a discussion question. 

How Did We Use It?

As I mentioned earlier, instead of my children, I used this product. During a stressful time, it was a blessing to have something to help me keep up with my time in God’s word and scripture on which to focus. I could study the scripture and work on memorization while I sat at the hospital and meditate on it during the long car rides each day.

Moving forward, we will work on memorizing the scriptures together as a family. My younger students will learn the first verse each week, and I will encourage my teens to memorize at least two each week. We will spend a few minutes on it each morning during our breakfast Bible time.

This program is very adaptable for different ages, abilities, and schedules.

What Did We Think?

I liked the program’s layout and that it included more extended readings for context. I appreciated that it had discussion questions to ensure our children understand the scriptures they are hiding in their hearts.

From the weeks I have used so far, I have found it to be scripturally based and not focused on specific denominational doctrines, which I appreciated.

Who Would I Recommend It For?

I think this is a good resource for a variety of ages. It is simple enough for elementary-aged children, yet with the leveled verses, families can use it for teens and adults. It is a simple way to get an entire family to start memorizing scripture together.

Find out more about 14:6 – The Way at Scripture Memory Fellowship. Also, click on the graphic below to see what other Crew Members thought.

memorizing scripture

Adventum Bible Dramatization Review

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I love it when I get a chance to review a product that ties nicely into something we are already learning or doing in our home. As a family, we have been going through the book of Genesis during our morning Bible time. Then we had the opportunity to review The Adventum, Volume 1, which covers the book of Genesis.

The Adventum is an audio dramatization based on the Bible. It is broken down into short episodes of less than thirty minutes, most of them ranging from ten to twenty minutes long. There are different voices for the different biblical characters and excellent sound effects.

When it is the voice of God speaking, it is a direct scripture quote. What we have noticed so far is that everything has aligned well with scripture though there are some extra-biblical things to help the storylines. In other words, nothing goes against scripture, but they use added dialogues and conjectures to fill in details that the Bible itself does not provide.

How We Used It

We listened to episodes as a family while we were riding. At first, we were just listening and enjoying the story. We realized as we listened that we needed to make sure what we were hearing lined up with the Bible, so we started listening to the episodes that aligned with what we were covering during our morning Bible reading.

Since we had the downloads, I could play them from my computer or load them onto our kindles for easier portability.

It was a perfect lesson for my teens in discerning and ensuring that what they were hearing aligned with what the Bible said and understanding what parts were scriptural and what parts were conjecture.

What We Thought

Overall, our family enjoyed the Adventum. We thought they did a great job with the dramatization, though there were a few scary parts for my four-year-old. I believe it is essential to also read the scripture, so there is no confusion.

My teens thought that it was exciting and they were well engaged in our conversations about what was scriptural. I loved seeing them dig into scripture to see if something was actually included, and I felt it helped my little boys better understand the Biblical stories we had been reading.

My eight-year-old said they definitely added some extra stuff. I enjoyed listening to them, and the sound effects were really good.


Overall, this should not replace Bible reading and study but can be a great way to make the stories of the Bible come alive in an accurate and fun manner. The Adventum, Volume 1 is excellent for the entire family, though probably ideal for elementary and middle grades students.

Check out The Adventum, Volume 1, to find out more and purchase downloads or CDs. They are even offering my readers free shipping with code: advcrew22. 

Click on the graphic below to see what other Crew Members thought. 

audio bible stories

Our Preschool Curriculum 2022

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Children learn through play and living out real life with their family and those around them. Young children do not need a formal curriculum to learn and grow. I firmly believe that, but I also have a four-year-old that wants to ‘do school’ like his big brothers and sister.

Reading with Sissy

Since he wants to do school, I have gathered various materials to use with him and arranged our day so that I can spend twenty or thirty minutes a day working with him. I will not force the issue if he decides he does not want to do school on any given day.

What Are We Learning?

When I asked my four-year-old what he wanted to learn in school, he told me he wanted to learn his letters and all about the weather.


So I logged into my handy subscription and found a fun Charlotte Mason Preschool course with a unit that covered weather. It also has bird and insect units which will tie in nicely with my eight-year-olds science course this year.

He will also join us on our nature walks and listen in as I do nature study work with my older children. 

Preschool Nature Study

Language Arts/ Math

I created these fun alphabet activities for my older son, so we will use them and some other fun alphabet printables. Of course, we love reading together, and I will continue reading a variety of books to him and listening to audiobooks in the car and while he is resting at home.

We are using unifix cubes, pattern blocks, and other fun math manipulatives to work on basic number sense and math skills. There are also some great fun math lessons on the preschool playground that we can incorporate.


He is using our You Are an Artist Clubhouse Membership for art. He loves sitting alongside my older children and doing the chalk pastel lessons. He will also do some of his art from their preschool courses. Of course, he will have plenty of time just to be creative and access to a wide variety of art and craft materials for independent exploration.

He listens to music during our morning routine with our hymn and fine arts studies. He has been asking to start violin lessons with Practice Monkeys. However, for now, I am letting my daughter start working with him on the violin to determine if he is ready for actual lessons.

Foreign Language

I am also having him watch the Whistlefritz and Salsa Spanish videos for a simple, low-pressure introduction to Spanish. We aren’t doing formal studies, but the low-key introduction will hopefully help him learn some of the language more naturally.

How Long Will This Take?

When I list it all out like that, it may seem like a very full load, but in reality, I will spend twenty to thirty minutes a day doing ‘school’ with him, not counting our extra reading aloud and nature walks. I am looking forward to a fun, no-pressure, play-filled, and active introduction to school days with him. I think he will enjoy the focused time and attention, and his inquisitive mind will soak up all of the science.

Do you do preschool in your homeschool? What are your favorite resources?

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Resource Library 

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Deals and Freebies

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The Tuttle Twins Back to School sale starts today!!

Our 2022 Third Grade Curriculum Choices

In addition to the 11th and 9th graders, I am homeschooling a third grader! It seems like not so very long ago that I was wearing him in a Moby wrap or Ergo while I taught my oldest two children.

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My third grader is a very auditory and kinesthetic learner, and he can tell you more about fishing and camping than most adults I know. However, he was also a little slower to learn to read than some of his peers. For that reason, you will see that we are using some second-grade curricula for phonics and spelling.

Reading and Spelling

We absolutely love All About Reading and All About Spelling. The step-by-step approach to phonics has been great. I have used it with all three of my children for spelling, but Benjamin is my first one to use the reading program. Despite his struggles, it has been a fantastic program that allows him to progress at his own pace. We are halfway through their second-grade curriculum and will finish that and start the level three program this year.

Third Grade History

Story of the World is the history program we have been using for the last eight or nine years (with a break for U.S. and North Carolina history). We love the living book style of the text and the fun activities accompanying each chapter. This has been a family subject for us in the past, but with my two oldest in high school, my third grader will be the only one doing Story of the World this year. He is in Volume Three, which is early modern history.

We have already planned several field trips to accompany Story of the World, and I am working on a book list for accompanying picture books. We can also add fun art with the history lessons from You Are An Artist, and we are even coordinating our Fine Arts program to include composers from that era of history. (If you are doing Story of the World, you can find my booklists here.)

Third Grade Math

He is continuing with Math for a Living Education Level 3 this year. He really enjoyed this math program and was excited to start again when the book arrived this week. There is a story woven throughout the math to help them see the relevance of the concepts. He was so happy to know that the story continued at this level. I appreciate that there is enough practice and review to gain mastery but not so much as to become tedious.


Last year we loved Apologia’s Swimming Creatures, and he was excited to choose their Flying Creatures book for this year’s study. Once again, I purchased the audiobook so that he can listen independently, and then we will do the activities together. I am pairing that book with bird and insect art lessons from You Are An Artist and notebooking pages from We are also planning field trips to a local bird park, our state zoo, and even our local aquarium, which has some fun educational bird presentations.

Zoology 1

Art and Music Lessons for Third Grade

I have mentioned the art lessons we are adding to our science and history. Benjamin will do a weekly lesson from You Are An Artist Chalk Pastel Art. Sometimes they will tie into history or science, and he will choose a lesson for other weeks based on his interests. We use their clubhouse membership so we can freely move between the courses, and he can do as many classes as he wants each week. (You can also purchase individual courses.)

He is continuing his music studies with Practice Monkeys violin lessons. While he is not as dedicated as his older sister (who is working with the instructor to prepare for a college music program), he enjoys learning to play his violin and has big improvement plans this year. I appreciate that he has an excellent instructor, a reasonable price, and we can do it all online, so I don’t have to be out of the house for lessons.

We Can’t Forget Nature Study

Nature Study is one of Benjamin’s favorite parts of school. He loves to take walks and learn about the things around him. Even outside playing on his own, he often brings in different nature finds for us to look up in our books. We will use our Homeschool Nature Study Membership to go more in-depth with birds and insects. We may also add some seasonal or interest-led studies throughout the year.

Bible Time

We do morning devotions and Bible reading as a family and incorporate scripture memory work and hymn study into our morning time. However, I like having some time where we do a curriculum that focuses on teaching the Bible to younger children. Last year we started working through Master Books Bible curriculum, Where Faith Grows, and we will finish that course this year. (My four-year-old is also joining us for this Bible time.)

Morning Time

Finally, we will have our morning time. I will share a post that goes into more detail about our morning time, but each morning we have family Bible time and watch World Watch. Then we will rotate through hymn study, Tuttle Twins, Fine Arts, Logic, and Shakespeare.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of spending a great deal of time outside doing science and nature study and continuing to work on his reading skills. We will listen to various read-aloud books and audiobooks (he could listen for hours every day with our audible subscription and the free selections from our overdrive through our local library).

Do you have any favorite curricula for third graders?

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Resource Library 

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Deals and Freebies

If you have not tried, you don’t want to miss this BOGO Sale!

Apologia is having a great summer sale right now!

Journey Homeschool Academy is open for enrollment through the end of the month. If you are still searching for a science program, I encourage you to check them out.

You can use my link and get a free month of World Watch!

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

I love the flexibility of homeschooling. Sometimes we follow a set curriculum (of my choosing), and sometimes we follow interests and rabbit trails. I often hunt the internet for a worksheet or project that will help with something we are learning, something one of the children needs more work on or something they are asking to learn.

I have been able to try the one-year membership to Super Teacher Worksheets this summer and found it a great way to find those resources all located in one place and ready for me to print and use. It saved me time and made it easy to find the help I needed.

What is Super Teacher Worksheets?

Super Teacher Worksheets is an extensive collection of different worksheets and printable activities for all different subjects for kindergarten through fifth grade. Preschool and middle grades students could also use some of the worksheets. 

Subjects include:

  • Math
  • Phonics
  • Grammar
  • Science
  • Literacy
  • Social Studies
  • Holidays
  • More

Parents can use the papers for all their children, so you only need one membership for each household. You could search for and print different worksheets or save them into digital file folders if you wanted to organize things ahead of time and print them as needed.

There is also a tool for making custom printables. You can make custom math printables, quizzes, flashcards, calendars, and more. This is great when you want to work on specific skills or create a quiz to cover precisely what you have been studying.

How Did We Use Super Teacher Worksheets?

I used a variety of activities with my four-year-old and eight-year-old sons during this review. My eight-year-old enjoyed the mystery math pages.

 These were pages where he had to complete math problems and color in different blocks based on the answers (like a color by number) to reveal the hidden picture. We did a fun one for our first day back to school.

We also found some fun activities for the life cycle of a butterfly that goes along with his science program this year. We are looking forward to trying out some of the included book studies, particularly the one for the Boxcar Children.

My four-year-old wanted to learn more about the weather, so we have been reading books and doing weather-related activities. We found a fun weather graph to accompany our studies. Each morning he looks out the window and comes to tell me what the weather is like that day. Then he colors in the appropriate block on his weather graph.

He has also just recently started a fairy garden, and we were excited to find a poem about fairies that we could read together. The poem also had reading comprehension questions that I could have used if he was older, but we enjoyed the poem together.

What Did We Think?

I thought that Super Teacher Worksheets was a great addition to our homeschool, and it gave me easy access to resources on a wide variety of subjects. My son loved the weather graph and the fairy poem we did together.

This is an excellent resource for having a one-stop place to get materials to coordinate with what you are working on in your homeschool. Parents can use it to accompany any other curriculum, or it could be an excellent tool for creating their curriculum.

There are so many options and ways to use Super Teacher Worksheets. I encourage you to click on the graphic below and see how other Crew Members used this program. 

printable activities

Progeny Press The Story of Ping Literature Study Guide Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Over the few weeks, we have been reviewing The Story of Ping Study Guide from Progeny Press. My 2nd grader worked through it with me, and my four-year-old sat in on the fun. This is a digital guide that could be printed or completed on the computer. They require you to have the book, but most of them are available at your local library, or they can be ordered directly from Progeny Press.

Story of Ping Study Guide

Progeny Press recommends The Story of Ping Study Guide for grades kindergarten through second. My son just finished second grade but still enjoyed the book.

This e-guide began with background information about the author and ideas for pre-reading activities. The pre-reading activities included watching videos about ducks, reading selected scripture verses, and even making a craft boat.

Then the guide moved on to vocabulary, focusing on synonyms and homonyms included in the book. After the vocabulary, there were questions about the book and the artwork. There are also dig deeper questions that encourage the student to dig deeper and think critically about the book or issues from the book. Some questions had lines that you could type or write answers to, and others offered a drop-down box for multiple choice answers.

Next, there were worksheets, including coloring pages, a maze, and a word search. The guide wrapped up with related activity ideas for after you were finished reading. They included art ideas, field trips, science projects, and more.

In addition to the student e-guide, there was an answer key included. While this may not be necessary for a short picture book that we completed together, it certainly would be a big help for older children working independently with chapter books.

Benjamin’s Opinion

Benjamin said that the guide was fun. He recommends it for students in second and third grade. He appreciated that while we did it together on the computer, it could be printed if he was doing it by himself.

Progeny Press

Overall Thoughts and Conclusions

When my older son tried literature guides from Progeny Press, he did not enjoy them (though he learned a lot.). However, my younger son does well with the Progeny Press study guides. We found them to be interesting, thorough, and easy to use. We worked through the book and guide together, and it was a great way to allow him to focus on understanding the book without hindering his phonics struggles.

You can find our other Progeny Press Reviews from the past at Progeny Press Literature Study Guides Review and Progeny Press Hound of Baskervilles and Little House on the Prairie Study Guide (Review).

Different Review Crew Members tried out different studies, so I encourage you to click on the graphic below and see how they used them in their families.

literature study guides Giveaway!!!!

Finding the right curriculum for our children can feel daunting. Especially if, like me, you have multiple children with different learning styles and interests. You want to be flexible and try new things, but you also can’t purchase a new curriculum every month.

*affiliate links included; see disclosure below for details*

This is where can be a great fit. They offer over 400 different classes ranging from preschool through high school. They even have some fun stuff for the parents.

In our home, we have found it a great way to be able to explore a lot of different interests without additional cost. You can try as few or as many classes as you would like for the whole family for one low fee.

This means my daughter can explore her photography interests, I can do fun weather activities with my preschooler, my oldest can do history, and I can find fun recipes all for one price.

Then if they decide that is not a good fit, we can look for a different class.

The program also works great for those looking for a core curriculum. You can choose from various math, language arts, history, and science classes.

There are also online social events, access to videos and other resources, and more great benefits to the program. I’ll share links to several reviews that I have done to give you a closer look at the program, but the purpose of this post is to share with you a BIG sale and a giveaway!

Right now, is running a BOGO sale; you buy one year and get a second year free. In addition, I have teamed up with them to give one lucky winner a FREE annual membership! Enter below for your chance to win!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

More Information and Reviews

Schoolhouse Teachers Review 2022 Review 2021 (Review)

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Resource Library 

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CTC Math (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.


Last year my daughter had the opportunity to try Algebra I with CTCMath. This summer, I had another chance to review the 12 month family membership and decided to take a look at the younger grades. My eight-year-old had just finished second grade, and I had him do some lessons as a review over the summer.

Since it was summer and review lessons, he did not complete a lesson every day, but as we had time, he would sit down and complete a lesson or two.

CTC Math Format

Each lesson included video instruction and digital questions. The videos were short (three to six minutes), and it only took him about fifteen or twenty minutes to complete a lesson. There was also a parent lesson reference sheet for each lesson that gave completed examples of the problems included in the lesson. This would be a great resource for a parent that needed to provide a little extra help to a student.

There are also diagnostic tests for each area. These allow you to pre-test students to see what they already know and what areas they need to practice.

From the parent dashboard, I could have assigned him specific lessons to complete. However, I chose to just let him begin at the first lesson and work his way through. This made it very open and go from a parent’s perspective.

What We Thought

My son said, ” I liked that they gave a video of what you were doing before you answered the questions.”

While we did the second-grade course, CTCMath starts in kindergarten and goes through high school level math. This makes it ideal for families that want to use the same program all the way through or for all the children in your family.

The parent dashboard would make it very easy to keep track of multiple students’ progress and gives you the flexibility of going straight through the course or assigning only certain lessons.


Overall, while I wish there was a little more feedback on incorrect responses and more review woven into the daily lessons, we liked this math program. When we used it with my daughter, we used it as a complete math program. This time I used it as a supplement and found that it works well either way. It is complete enough to be a stand-alone math program, but with the flexibility to choose your own lessons, it can also be a great supplement.

I encourage you to check it out at CTCMath or check out their homeschool discount and also to click on the link below to see what other Crew Members thought about the levels they reviewed.

Online Homeschool Math with CTCMath